September 14, 2011

R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril

Challenge Time!!

I stumbled across a magnificent challenge today browsing blogs, which I intend to embrace. It is an autumn challenge encouraging people to read Gothic, mystery, suspense, thriller, horror, or supernatural books of any kind or length, to fully indulge our inner all hallows eve spirit as the temperatures cool and the leaves begin to fall and eventually crumble. I'm looking forward to autumn this year more than years previous for some reason, and I am already reading The Drawing of the Three by horror/suspense/supernatural nobility Stephen King. (You can even read with a group, or watch a scary movie!)

Oh, and also, the image to promote the challenge is totally wicked:

You can find information on the challenge here.

So, you will see my  name listed among those participating, and the reviews you will find here will correspond with the genres promoted in the challenge. I encourage all of you to get active and embrace the spirit of the coming season.


Kailana said...

It's always fun to see people joining in for the first time! I look forward to seeing what you read. :)

Darlyn (Your Move, Dickens) said...

I'm a first-timer this year, too! I can't wait to read your reviews for this challenge. :)