September 25, 2011

Won my first Giveaway!

I want to thank Kate Weber from Simply Kate for hosting the Digital Scrapbooking My Memories Suite 2 Giveaway. I am super excited to get started creating some great memories in a digital format. I just recently started playing around with and editing photos and creating collages, so this is a great next step for me. It is super easy to browse, buy, and download new material, and the price is right for new sets (not to mention the amount of material to select from!). I will probably play around a bit with the software, and revamp my blog page with some images from there, so look for that in the next few weeks!

Thanks again, Kate! You can find her blog page here.

1 comment:

-E- said...

congrats! i've won diddly squat in my time on the blogosphere.